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Charles Eames

Casal Garcia


Corporate Design / Packaging

Casal Garcia is the most sold vinho verde worldwide. It has been celebrating joy and cheer for over 70 years, becoming a true flagship of the Portuguese happy way of life. The task was to create a new label and packaging, combining traditional brand attributes as youth and emotion and demonstrate a close connection to the spirit of nature.


This is why I decided to work with the form of a fern. It is a traditional symbol of renewal and regeneration and demonstrates the process of a grape to a wine in a metaphorical way. It's also an international known symbol for youth in many cultures and countries. The figurative mark is created in a handdrawn Style, that connects to the manual work of wine processing. The colours are related to earth and water, reminding to a warm day at the beach, illuminated in a soft light with low saturated colours as the portuguese countryside.