Die Details sind nicht die Details. Sie bilden das Design.

Charles Eames



triptych / Rügen, Germany

This work features an architectural highlight of the german engineer Ulrich Müther (1934 - 2007). He was an early pioneer of the so called hypershell constructions. These impressive buildings are self-supporting structures with a distinctive style. Müther became worldwide known for his work.


The 'Inselparadies' was buildt in 1966 on the island of Rügen. After the German reunification the former restaurant has been abandoned and started to be more and more deteriorated. In 2009, after almost 20 years, investors started to renovate the building.


I shot this series two years before in 2007 with a Linhof 6x17 on an Illford FSX200. I was really impressed by the structure, the light, the shadows and the surrounding. Today, these pictures are maybe the only one, that show this particular combination of the vacated building with its wonderful view to the sea.